Finally: Brother Pictures!

Here is a face you haven't seen much of on my blog...specifically because he does not really enjoy having his picture taken. But: today I was victorious! And actually got some pictures of him! (applause)
Introducing my brother,


Through Your Eyes Photography Contest

Okay- I just have to share this exciting news.
....A photography contest:
In. which. the. grand. prize. winner. wins. a. CANON 5D MARK II!!! Oh. I can hardly stand it!

Click HERE to pop over to their site.

My Little Student

I have a little student, and she is a very motivated one. :)
A couple of weeks ago, she got her very own violin, with her very own beautiful black case, and her very own violin book that says: 
Maggie's Violin Book.
Right now she is learning the first seven notes of 
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, and allow me the pleasure of bragging 
that she is doing quite well at it.
Here's some pictures from the lesson we had this afternoon!

"A-A- E-E- F-F- E"

And this is how we put away our violins. 

"Maaaaggggieeee's VIOLIN Book!" 


And then we had to get some silly shots...(of course)

Queen Elizabeth

The other day, this sweet little girl came and asked me, "Abbie, I want to look like Queen Elizabeth. I need some clothes that look like Queen Elizabeth."

And so we found her a navy-and-white polka dot dress from the back of the closet, and a lovely crocheted hat to complete her queenly attire.

And of course, what queen is properly dressed without a classic hairdo?

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