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Newsboys Sneakpeek!

Last month, we got to go to a Newsboys's a preview! I hope to make a REAL post about it. Maybe next week.


The other day, my friend and I were standing in our church parking lot...and lo and behold, the lighting was simply Perfect! I was so excited, and she kindly put up with my camera in her face. :)
Here's a few of my favorites, made into a collage(my first try at making one of those).

It's a Bit Springish!

Finally: Brother Pictures!

Here is a face you haven't seen much of on my blog...specifically because he does not really enjoy having his picture taken. But: today I was victorious! And actually got some pictures of him! (applause)
Introducing my brother,


Through Your Eyes Photography Contest

Okay- I just have to share this exciting news.
....A photography contest:
In. which. the. grand. prize. winner. wins. a. CANON 5D MARK II!!! Oh. I can hardly stand it!

Click HERE to pop over to their site.

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