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Note: sorry the photos are positioned weird. I don't know how to fix it...


A few months back, Bean put on one of my old flower girl dresses and obliged me a photo shoot...

I'm not normally a fan of selective black and white...but let's make an exception, shall we?

My new header picture is also from this shoot.

 Any critique? Please comment. Thanks! :)


If you're a regular visitor to my may have noticed that it's been looking rather...well...unkempt, messy, etc. That's because I'm *trying* to make my own background for the site and *trying* to figure out how to make the afore said background fit a stretch template. Sooo...please excuse the mess and the lack of posts.

Thanks! :)
More pictures coming when I have the ambition to put them on. We have a slower internet connection so it may(haven't tried it yet) take a bit longer than usual to post on here.
Bear with me!


The other day I dressed Rex for church and dragged him outside 'cuz he was just TOO cute- I had to take some pictures! Bless his heart, he obliged me...for a few minutes at least.

Don't you wish you had boots like his? :)

Photography Contest

My dear friend Keilah is throwing a contest over at her blog!!
Here are my entries:

Spring Category

Summer Category:

Autumn Category:

AAAANNND Winter Category:

So there you have it! Head on over to her blog to enter YOUR pictures- if there aren't at least 20 contestants, she'll cancel the contest!

[note: my autumn picture won its category!!]


Finally, here are some pictures from our thanksgiving this month!

All of us cousins:

Picture of the Week

For Thanksgiving we went to our cousins', and I have a ton more pictures to post of our time there, but have only time to post this one, my favorite :)

Kalib and Abigail

A couple weekends ago, I was privileged to do the photography(along with a friend) for the wedding of a girl I've known for a very, very long time(our grandmothers were friends). It was such a precious wedding! :)

I love this silhouette:

I'm not sure which I like better, the black and white or the color...

Experimenting with some awesome pencil drawing(thanks to Paint.Net)

Hands :)

Picture of the Week


Allow me to introduce to you my dear friend Becca! She is the sweetest thing ever, you'd love her, I promise. :) Just a little creative NOT to take a picture...right?
Not sure about the colors in this one...

Do you prefer color or black and white?

We were on a little dock on a little lake...

Happy Birthday Hattie!

Please meet Hattie!
I don't know if I like the color or black and white better.

What do you think?

It was raining so hard that when we were done we were SOAKED.

I think this is my favorite:

Or maybe this one:

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