Autumn Family Portraits!!!

This is my dear family!

Dad wanted a picture with each of his children:
Me, Abbie,




and, Strawberry, always a goofball:

Aaaaaand my ever amazing parents!

The whole family, all together:

Green and Brown

It was a verrrry hot and boring day...
BG, Red, and Bean were only too happy to oblige me a photo shoot :)
And I was only too happy to be the shooter!

Black and white or color? You decide!

I looove the composition in this one ^^

Don't you absolutely adore Bean's new brown-and-green dress??!!! (Why don't they make them in MY size, I'd like to know!!)
We matched BG and Red in browns and greens. (my new favorite color scheme)

Oooh, yes!! This is my favorite ^^

I just couldn't resist taking pictures of the way she was walking- it was so cute!!

I think that's enough photo posting to last me for a while!
(maybe a day or so)

My Little Friend :)

So chic!

Ahhh!!! I cannot get over laughing pictures! :)

Aaaaand, we'll end with my definite favorite of the day:

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