Some recent pictures

Here's some recent pictures...unfortanutely I am not able to edit them as our laptop with my precious Photoshop is gone for a bit. So you will just have to survive the unedited ones!

This is our driveway, with some fresh snow.

A twig. Certain relatives of mine weren't very impressed, but I kind of like's a bit appealing.

Another that others weren't too sure about...I must admit it looks a bit, well, freaky,'s interesting.

Now onto some prettier pictures. This is in one of the last few patches of snow on my grandparents' yard. For me, the flower, the snow, and the grass symbolize new life, blossoming out of winter. Very significant to us right now.

It was warm outside (yes- WARM. For all my American viewers: Canadian winters are not always -40 temperatures and blizzards! This has been a very strange winter. End of January and hardly any snow! Weird.), so my brother T and I goofed around with the fabulous light (courtesy the sun) a bit.

This one's kind of neat, like he's holding the sun.

Aaaand...that's all, folks. Probably won't be posting very much, maybe a little here and there. Busy times ahead! :)

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