Allow me to introduce to you my dear friend Becca! She is the sweetest thing ever, you'd love her, I promise. :) Just a little creative NOT to take a picture...right?
Not sure about the colors in this one...

Do you prefer color or black and white?

We were on a little dock on a little lake...

Happy Birthday Hattie!

Please meet Hattie!
I don't know if I like the color or black and white better.

What do you think?

It was raining so hard that when we were done we were SOAKED.

I think this is my favorite:

Or maybe this one:

"This time each year in our hometown the county fair comes our way..."

Yesterday we went to the fair.
Dad and I wandered around looking at the animals and exhibits while Mum and the kids braved the rides.

These chickens are awesome- don't you just love their poofy heads?! I fell in love with the sheep too:
Isn't this little lamb the most adorable animal ever?! :)

Lamas are, however, not so adorable...

A little friend from church that we ran into... A friendly lama(or is it alpaca?)...

Bean really liked this tractor...

Red found one he liked, too...

And then there was this cute little girl.


Rex and Bean:

Another random girl:

Warm donuts! So unhealthy but sooo yummy :)

After a full day of rides(which I didn't go on) and food and animals, we watched the rodeo for a bit:

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